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The food of the Gods, Chocolate, is manufactured in the quaint village of Betty’s Bay along the R44, handmade with loving care by Belgian Master Chocolatier Gaspard. We need to save our planet; after all it is the only planet with chocolate, which is being manufactured right here in the Overberg. GaBoLi Chocolates derives it’s name from, Ga – Gaspard, Bo – Bossut - Li Limited, they are limited as they are all hand manufactured and I can only make so much as I am alone. The range consist of Truffles, Pralines, Cornetto’s, Chocky Glazed Fruits, Slabs, Hot Chocolate Stixx, Slabs etc The is a vast range of flavours on the repertoire, such as Amarulla, Brandy, Whisky, Café Latte, Coffee Liqueur, Chilli, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Van Der Hum, Vanilla, there are also some unusual flavours in the repertoire, ie Blue Cheese, Blue Cheese and Biltong, Grappa, Limoncello, Namibian Urbock Beer, Maldon Caramel Salt, Fynbos etc… The Diabetics and diet conscious are not forgotten, Gaspard manufactures Diabetic Slabs and Truffles, the Truffles are a real treat, Truffles with a real ‘legal’ soft filling, these are fun to eat, without feeling guilty at all. It is difficult, if at all, to taste the difference. I welcome visitors to my studio to come ‘n talk, ‘n taste & buy Chocolates. Give me a call and allow yourself a bit of time, as there is so much to talk about chocolate.Driving from Cape Town along the Coastal Whale Route R44 is possibly one of the most beautiful drives in the World, when in Betty’s Bay it is a must to visit the Penguins. We are 50km from Hermanus and 100km from Cape Town You can find me at: 2037 Delport Road C/r Porter Betty’s Bay Cell 082 394 1016 S 34° 21.924’E 18° 52.185’ Why did I become a Chocolatier? Being the Chef Patron of ‘at the time, well known’ restaurant I tried my hand at making chocolates to be served with the coffee after meals. These were not the greatest, until a Chocolatier walked in for a meal and tried them. Edward Wohlmuth felt sorry for me and asked whether he could show me a few tricks, which I gratefully accepted. Edward showed me more in an hour than I had taught myself in two years. The restaurant had a table where the Chocolates were displayed and sold, quite successfully, Edward decided to spend the rest of his holiday in Betty’s Bay and has been coming back to Betty’s Bay for the following 14 years to teach me more every year and ensuring standards are being kept up. When the restaurant was sold, I continued with the chocolate making, I was then invited to the UK where I worked at a few Chocolatiers supplying Harrods and gained experience. The rest, as they say in the classics, is not quite history. ​